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Chronological History of Bethel Holy Church


Oct. 1932        A church was founded in New York City by Bishop Ida Robinson, the newly organized church was located at Eighth                                       Avenue and 126th Street​

Sept. 1934      The church moved to a new location, 125 W. 130th Street. It was here that Bishop Robinson named the new church                                       “Bethel Holy Church”

April 1935       Bishop Robinson began the first Bethel Radio Broadcast live from the church. The membership grew rapidly

June 1938    The congregation grew, moving the church to the corner of 7th Avenue and 145th Street, upstairs.


April 1946    The Lord calls Bishop Robinson home while on a Missionary trip to Florida

May 1946     Elder James Bell is appointed as the second pastor of Bethel Holy Church










Oct. 1949     Bethel Holy Church moved to its present location, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue

Dec. 1949    Bethel began a broadcast ministry that lasts for 37 years over the radio frequency, WADO, 1280, New York

Nov. 1953    Mortgage Burning service held at Bethel Holy Church


Sept 1960    Elder James Bell is consecrated to the bishopric


Sept 1969    Minister Joseph Bell, Sr., is ordained Elder Joseph Bell in Wilmington, DE


Sept 1974    Elder Joseph Bell, Sr., is consecrated to the bishopric to assist Bishop James Bell


July 1990     Bishop James Bell, second pastor of Bethel passed away

Oct 1990      Bishop Joseph Bell, Sr. is installed as the third pastor of Bethel Holy Church

Dec.1990     The Bethel Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry are established


Sept 1994    Minister Joseph Bell, Jr. is ordained Elder in Wilmington, DE and assists Bishop Joseph Bell for 25 years.


1995            The Bethel Community Bible Institute is established


Sept 2001    Bishop Joseph Bell is elected president of Mt. Sinai Holy Church


2007            Ministries for Men, Women, Children, and Teenagers are established


Sept 2013    Bethel Community Services, Inc was established


Dec 2015     The Lord calls Bishop Joseph Bell, Sr. Home


Jul 2016      The 156th Street block of St. Nicholas Avenue is named after Bishop Joseph Bell, Sr.

Oct 2016      Elder Joseph Bell, Jr. is installed as the fourth pastor of Bethel Holy Church

2017            Our kitchen facilities, downstairs chapel, & dining room undergo major renovations


2017            Elder Bell launches a social media ministry via Facebook


Oct 2019      Bethel Community Bible Institute is relaunched in partnership with Logos University

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