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Our Mission Statement 

The mission of Bethel Holy Church is to demonstrate our love for Jesus through worship; win souls and care for those in need through ministry and evangelism; and share the blessings of the Lord through Discipleship and Fellowship.

Our Motto: Bethel Holy Church, we are a loving, caring, and sharing ministry!

Our Vision Statement 

Bethel is to be an example to the world and the body of Christ as a church where all members are…

  • Engaged in outreach and evangelism;

  • Endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit;

  • Equipped for ministry; and

  • Empowered  to impact the world for Jesus Christ

Our Core Values

1. Prayer & Worship              Communion and interaction with God both individually and                                                                       corporately.

2. Preaching & Teaching        Effectively communicating God’s Word to others.


3. Family & Fellowship            Cultivating God’s design for the family and fortifying                                                                                  relationships.


4. Evangelism & Outreach    Carrying out the Great Commission by reaching the lost, the                                                                   unchurched, and those in need of restoration and relationship                                                                  with God.


5. Giving & Servanthood        Supporting the cause of Christ through human and financial                                                                    resources with a willingness to humbly address the needs of                                                                    others.


6. Assembly & Community   All members cooperating and collaborating together in worship                                                                and in Bethel’s ministries to demonstrate Christian unity and the                                                              love of Jesus within the “Church Community” as well as the                                                                      community of the church.  

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